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Surface Mount Technology

Fully automated 'Pick and Place' equipment has been installed to produce cost effective assembled PCBs.

Facilities Include:

MyData TP9 Pick and place machine
Double Sided Placements
Conformal Coating / Burning In
Placements to 0402

Our Surface Mount Technology department can accommodate both large and small production runs, including initial prototype boards. We pride ourselves on strong client communication meaning that we will work with you to ensure that all requirements are met.

If you have Gerber data please do not hesitate to send it to us and will be happy to prepare a competitive quotation. But, if you do not have any data, please feel free to send us a sample board and we will do the rest.

Our Surface Mount Technology Department has recently moved into new larger premises, which has allowed us to expand our customer base, meaning we can quote for even larger productions. The department operates to a high standard of quality control. We are always pleased to welcome potential new customers to view the facility, by prior appointment.


MyData TP9TP9

We have invested into a new "Pick and place" machine, to improve quality, consistency and speed. MyData TP9 has 8 heads meaning it can place around 5,000 components per hour. The MyData TP9 also boasts 0.063mm accuracy at high speed, and can place SMT components down to 0402.

MyData is already proving its worth, failure rates and turnaround times are at their lowest ever!

Surface mount technology (SMT) was developed in the 1960s but popularised in the 1980s and now nearly every electronic device is manufactured using it. SMT is a method where by electronic components are placed on a circuit board without connecting legs. Indeed, the components are attached by soldering their metal tabs on to the surface of the circuit board. This application method is not only quicker but it also saves on manufacturing costs.

Other forms of mechanisation tended to slow production down, as other components needed to be pre-formed and also problems occurred when wires did not fit properly. This is how surface mount technology came about as rather than have wires and holes, the components are soldered onto boards saving time and cost. This is what led the technology to be universally adopted, very quickly.


MyData is already proving its worth, failure rates and turnaround times are at their lowest ever!